SCADA Telemetery & PLC Controls

Austek are the preferred leading supplier in North Queensland when it comes to automation systems

Trust the local business with over 30 years’ experience leading the industry and setting the benchmark

• SCADA + Telemetry Systems (new & retrofit)
• Town water reticulation supply and control
• Sewerage and pump station management
• Security monitoring applications
• PLC installation and programming
• Chlorine dosing
• Remote irrigation
• Remote water level monitoring
• Remote community work and mobilisation

Remote area specialists

Austek specialise in delivering its telemetry and automated solution services for customers with business / operations in remote and hard to access to sites. We customise our work to meet your needs and use our expertise to deliver you solutions, improving performance and your bottom line.

Austek is able to supply any instrumentation required for our automation systems, including wireless sensors, transducers, flowmeters and other sensors. We are highly experienced in the design, programming and testing of PLC systems for applications across a range of circumstances.

Austek are the leaders in Industrial Electrical, Automation & RF Communications

Austek prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction, each time. We work with clients big and small and look forward to working with you.


Industrial Electrical Department
Austek are the leaders in Industrial Electrical, Design, Automation and Installation



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