Satellite GPS Units & Trackers
SPOT Gen4 Satellite GPS



  • Upgraded IP68 Rating – Offers increased water resistance, up to 30 minutes at two meters in water.
  • Motion-Activated Tracking – SPOT Gen4 sends tracks at a chosen rate for as long as the device is turned on and moving, conserving battery life. Alerts can be set to auto send notifications to others when movement is detected or upon entry and exit of specific geographic areas in SPOT Mapping.
  • Battery Life – The new Gen4 offers the longest battery life in the product category far surpassing the performance of alternative battery-powered GPS messengers.

Garmin inReach Mini



  • Compact Satellite Communicator
  • Two-way text messaging via 100% global Iridium® satellite network (satellite subscription required)
  • Access downloadable maps, color aerial imagery and more by using the free Garmin Eathmate® app and compatibledevices
  • Optional inReach weather forecast service provides detailed updates directly to your inReach Mini or paired device; basic and premium weather packages available
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 50 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode

Spot X



  • Two-way Satellite Messenger
  • Connect SPOT X to your smart phone via Bluetooth wireless technology through the SPOT X app to access your contacts and communicate easily with family, friends, or directly with Search & Rescue services in a life-threatening situation.
  • SOS Feature
  • ‘Check In’ Feature
  • Built in compass
  • Choose 2 ½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute tracking intervals and track your adventure
  • And more!

SPOT Trace



  • Theft-alert tracking device powered by 100% satellite technology
  • Tiny, compact, lightweight device and easy to install
  • Receive text or email messages when movement is detected
  • Monitor assets in near real time using Google Maps
  • Select from 2.5 through to 60 minute tracking intervals
  • Long battery life & plug in power options available
  • Waterproof rated: IP67 + Vibration rated: SAE J1455 + Humidity rated: MIL-STD-810F
  • Mounting options available
  • Customise all notifications & track your asset using the Spot Trace Web Portal
  • Subscription required


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